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Welcome to Estill County JROTC!

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There are many different classes from which to choose at Estill County High School. JROTC can affect your life in positive ways as no other elective class can.  Only one class teaches students how to contribute to an organization, and how to be successful as the person in charge. As we say, skills get you the job, but leadership gets you the promotion. JROTC teaches that leadership.  We give students the skills to work up to become the First Line Supervisor, Shift Leader or Manager in any organization they join after graduating.

JROTC is a four-year program, however, students can begin at the start of any school term, and withdraw after the end of any term. Like any developmental program, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.  Students who join in their 10th or 11th grade years frequently wish they had joined earlier. Most cadets report increased confidence and reduced anxiety and depression because of the JROTC program.  You must tell your high school counselor if you want JROTC.
Please note:  JROTC does not recruit for the military.  If you take JROTC, you do not have to join the military. We use military rank, uniforms and organization to give structure to our organization, and to give leadership development opportunities to our students.

                 Students’ Top 10 Reasons to Join JROTC

10.   Get smarter, faster, stronger, nicer and better looking each day

  9.   Learn to be in charge and have people still like you

  8.   You DO NOT have to join the military

  7.   Get 75 instant friends looking out for you in high school

  6.   Superman and Wonder Woman wish they were JROTC cadets

  5.   Get a free week of summer camp with cadets from other schools

  4.   Exercise your mind, not just your thumbs

  3.   Our recess equipment is waaaayy cooler than other classes’

  2.   Yes, you are better looking in a uniform

  1.   You can be just like your Fortnite game character

The links on the left of the top of the page take you to pages that explain more about JROTC

About JROTC explains what we do, how we do it and why 

Academic Curriculum describes what cadets will study throughout the 2020-2021 school year 

Army Instructors has information about our two JROTC instructors

Cadet Leadership  lists responsibilities photos, and biographic information

JROTC Extra-Curricular describes each activity and team that cadets can form and join

Event Calendar shows significant JROTC events: practices, competitions, promotion boards, performances, social events, etc.

Photo and Video Gallery displays images and videos of cadets doing great things)