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The Estonian Student Satellite project started in the summer of 2008 at Tartu University with the objectives for promoting space, being an invaluable educational tool for science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) subjects and giving students hands-on experience on developing space technologies. In addition, our further goal is to foster the development of Estonian space and high-tech industry by training experts and disseminating knowledge about space technologies. In addition the satellite project is expected to have a significant role in educating and inspiring the general public and improve their awareness of space research.
In the mean time the project has grown into a full-scale international collaboration with participating students from Tartu University, Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian Flight Academy. By now students from University of Surrey, UK and International Space University, FR are also taking part in the development and our project has had the honour of hosting a visitor from Aachen University of Applied Sciences, DE. It has been a challenging exercise to start work in such a geographically disperse environment, but we have overcome all the d.fficulties and are fully committed on reaching our goal to launch the satellite. The international dimension is also added to the project as the development of the payload is carried out in international collaboration, with Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) being the prime payload development coordinator.

Currently, at the end of phase C, the prototype of the satellite is nearing completion.

The Estonian Student Satellite team is very thankful towards its supporters: Skype, Estonian Information Technology Foundation,  TUT Student Council and collaborators Estonian Physical Society, Vangelis Space LLC, Tartu Observatory.

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