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This site has resources and information for ESA 11th & 12th graders taking Chemistry with Liz.

What is Chemistry? Observable phenomena (macroscopic), atomic phenomena (microscopic), and symbolic representations (equations and models) are interrelated. Knowing information at the atomic level helps to explain the behavior of matter on larger scales. Theoretical models are used to describe chemical behaviors of matter that are not directly measurable. Equilibrium is the driving force behind all chemical reactions.

Everything in the universe is made of atoms and empty space.
Let's find out what that's about.

There are three Units in the first semester:
  • What’s Matter?
    • Safety, Chemical Change, Density, Representations, Conservation of Matter 
  • Particle Parts
    • Periodic Table Trends, Atomic Models, Isotopes
  • Strange Atomic Behavior
    • Nuclear Reactions, Electron Configuration, Ions, Ionic Bonding

Chemistry Week-by-Week