Free online dictionary from the makers of the famous Oxford English Dictionary. Site includes word games and other support materials for spelling, grammar, etymology, and foreign phrases, plus an "Ask the Experts" link where you can find answers to frequently asked language questions.

This site has lots more than vocabulary. Check out the "Table of Contents" and click on "Vocabulary." In addition to spelling and vocabulary lessons, you will find many ready-to-implement activities with Greek and Latin Roots.

This site has an extensive and easy-to-use online dictionary and thesaurus that even provides audio pronunciations. There are free word games, and you can sign up for Word-of-the-Day.

Calls itself the "Web's best spot for online trivia games, word puzzles, and quizzes!" You will find word scrambles, webs, crossword puzzles - even Boggle. Lots of word trivia too!

This is an easy-to-use free internet dictionary. Its database of words, terms, names, and acronyms is updated frequently.

This site boasts many "link for word lovers" with activities like crossword puzzles and multilingual vocabulary information.

Ever wonder about how a particular word entered our vocabulary? On this website, you can type the word in and quickly discover its "roots" and the history of its appearance in the English language.

You will enjoy exploring this site of Latin and Greek prefixes, suffixes, and root words. It includes lists of quotations, legal terms, medical words, prescription terms, religious expressions, and various abbreviations from Latin and Greek.

Full of puzzles and other activities based on Greek and Latin roots. The puzzles change regularly, so you can visit the site frequently without getting bored!

Maintained by Merriam-Webster, this site has plenty of activities and information for you. You can even build your own dictionary.

Lots of references and interesting resources. You will enjoy "Words for Our Modern Age: Especially English Words from Greek and Latin Sources."

Have a new word sent to your email every day! Fascinating and fun! Also provides a vocabulary word, its definition, pronunciation information with audio clip, etymology, usage example, and quotation.