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Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader program is a computerized reading program produced by Renaissance Learning and School Renaissance Institute. More than 45,000 schools nationwide use this program. Students choose from a wide variety of book titles, both fiction and nonfiction. Once a student has read a book in its entirety, he or she will then answer computerized quiz questions about the book. Each book is assigned a point value, and the points earned by a student are determined by a combination of point value, reading level, and performance on the quiz. Quizzes must be completed at school, and there are no retakes. Besides comprehension quizzes, students may also take the Literacy Skills quiz and a Vocabulary quiz on most titles.

The purpose of the Accelerated Reader program is to motivate students to read for both educational and recreational purposes. Students are encouraged to choose from a variety of genres.

At the end of each nine weeks, Ms. Weeden will look at each student's progress toward his or her reading goal. Students who are making progress will earn a prize or be invited to a celebration at the end of the nine weeks. 
Upcoming AR Celebrations:
2nd Nine Weeks: Bingo/Popcorn & Hot Chocolate
3rd Nine Weeks: Pizza/Video during lunch blocks
4th Nine Weeks: To be announced at a later date

Are you wondering if your book has an Accelerated Reader quiz? Click on the image below to access the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder site.

Click on the image below to see your Accelerated Reader reports. Students and parents can view reading progress towards goals as well as monitor word, book, and quiz counts.