Windows CE

Software for Windows CE devices such as Pocket PCs and Smartphones 


Haven't had time to put up any more than the releases themselves:

wcecompat (v1.2) - plugs the holes in the eMbedded Visual C++ C Runtime Library, making it more compatible with ANSI C.
Licensed under the GNU LGPL

ceutils - utilities for remote control of a Windows CE device from the Windows desktop command-line. Contains:
cecopy.exe - for copying files to/from the device
cedel.exe - for deleting from file the device
cemkdir.exe - for creating directories on the device
cedir.exe - for printing a listing of a directory on the device
cerun.exe - for running a program on the device
cerunner.dll - copy to \Windows on the device for cerun.exe to operate
Will be licensed under GNU GPL shortly

Programs linked with wcecompat can have support for stdin/stdout/stderr. cerun can redirect to/from those streams. This means that cerun can invoke a remote program from the Windows desktop command-line and print output of the program in the desktop console, and redirect input in the console to the remote program. More information about these features shortly.