Why a Workplace Management Chair at ESSEC?

‘With the development of digital technology, the use of workspaces is undergoing a revolution which is disrupting the broad patterns of corporate real estate and our companies’ operations and strategies.

The ESSEC Business School exists at the crossroads of three communities: first the business world, then the academic world and finally the world of its students, who are the managers of tomorrow. ESSEC also has the opportunity and the desire to work with these three worlds in order to understand and anticipate current and future developments.

The Workplace Management Chair is a Research Chair created in partnership with Kardham and Nexity, which aims to study how new forms of workplace organisation influence management, employee performance and business strategies.

It is dedicated to the management of corporate real estate which, despite the fact that it represents the second largest expense item for companies after wages, is rarely studied or taught as part of the general management of companies. We have several research objectives in connection with certain foreign universities, notably measuring the performance of different types of workspaces and new working methods (in particular flex offices and co-working), the study of the overall cost of these workspaces and the influence of new technologies, especially smart objects, on the productivity of their occupants’ spaces.

Offices, Corporate Real Estate and Workspaces have always been my favourite research topic. Moreover, given the current challenges around office real estate and well-being at work, I felt it was perfectly natural to create an ESSEC Research Chair focused on the workplace. I'm thrilled that Kardham and Nexity are taking part in this exciting venture and I thank them for their support and trust.’

Ingrid Nappi

Research Prof. at the ESSEC Business School, who holds the Workplace Management and Real Estate and Sustainable Development Chairs

copyright Hermance Triay