A mind-map is a visual representation of information and concepts. It helps to organize and structure and synthetize your ideas. You can use a blank page to draw your mind-map but you can also use a software to do it, like Xmind.
What you can do:
Mind-maps have many applications, they can be used for:
  • Preparing a presentation, a meeting;
  • Managing a project;
  • Brainstorming;
  • Taking notes;
  • Creative activities with students...
How does it work :
  • Put your research question or you main theme in the center;
  • Select keywords related to the main theme;
  • Use images, symbols to give value to keywords;
  • Use colors to separate different ideas;
  • Add websites links or files;
  • Export your mind-map.
Where to find it?

Xmind is a free mind-mapping tool

Technical requirements:
  • Download the solution
User guides and tips:

How to mind-map