The Second Workshop on ICT and Innovation Forecasting 

From Theory to Practice & Applications
ESSEC Business School, La Defense Campus (Room 203), Paris, France
May 27th & 28th, 2015


The dynamic, ever changing nature of the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Industry is a challenge for business planners and forecasters.  The rise of Twitter and the sudden demise of Blackberry are dramatic examples of the uncertainties of the industry; these events clearly demonstrate how radically the environment can change.  Similarly, predicting demand, market penetration, new markets, and the impact of new innovations in the ICT sector offer a challenge to businesses and policymakers.  This Workshop will focus on forecasting new services and innovation in this sector as well as the theory and practice of forecasting in the sector (Telcos, IT providers, OTTs, manufacturers).


The ICT & Innovation Forecasting Workshops are intended as a forum for discussion of new and recent research and application in this field. Their aim is to bring together researchers and professionals interested in the application of forecasting methods in ICT, telecommunications and innovation in a relatively small two days annual workshop  We are pleased to announce that The Second Workshop on ICT and Innovation Forecasting will be held at ESSEC Business School, La Defense Campus, Paris, France, on 27 and 28 May 2015.  ICT & Innovation Forecasting series of workshops was launched in London in 2014.



Organizing Committee

Mohsen Hamoudia - Orange - France Telecom Group, Paris – France

Jeroen Rombouts - ESSEC Business School, Paris – France

Scientific Committee


James Alleman  - University of Colorado, Boulder, CO – USA

Albert Bemmaor - ESSEC Business School, Paris – France

Robert Fildes - Lancaster Centre for Forecasting, Lancaster - UK

Jean Pierre Indjehagopian - ESSEC Business School, Paris  – France

Patrick Luciano - Orange Business Services, Paris - France

Gary Madden - Curtin University, Perth – Australia

Nigel Meade - Imperial College Business School, London – UK

Paul Rappoport - Temple University, Philadelphia, PA – USA

Qmars Safikani  - Quantum-Web, London – UK

Frédérique JEAN-LOUIS,
20 avr. 2015, 02:21