Being involved is good, being committed to a cause you believe in is even better !

The second edition of Involvement Week which will take place between October 12 and October 17 2015 is back. This year's brand new theme is entitled, Body & Soul. Come participate in more than 60 events that will be organized on the three campuses of ESSEC, in Cergy, at the CNIT and in Singapore.

A commitment based on shared values

Involvement Week 2015 is in keeping / line with ESSEC's 3i strategy. According to Jean-Michel Blanquer - Dean & President of Essec Business School - this event is an opportunity to "look beyond ourselves and bring home the idea that our fate is linked to that of others". Michael Kouklakis, who is a Teacher Manager within the department of Languages and Cultures and in charge of organizing this year's edition of Involvement Week, has paid particular attention to mobilizing numerous student associations. The entire ESSEC community – professors, students, alumni, staff and partners – will be participating in this great gathering.

The programme

Photo exhibits, conferences, debates, workshops, hold-ups, concerts, film projections, pop-up cafés a relay race, a talk and cook and master classes are just some of the events on the programme during Involvement Week which, according to Jean-Michel Blanquer, will enable us "to promote all the different forms of commitment which express themselves at ESSEC, reflect upon their meaning, question ourselves about the role of commitment in education and identify its impact on our various career and personal development paths."

What are the different goals of Involvement Week?

To highlight the different forms of commitment, respond to the challenges facing society, link the entrepreneurial spirit with commitment and strengthen the ties among all the stakeholders of our community - students, professors, alumni, members of staff and partners.

Ten themes will be explored: Art and Culture, the Body and Health, Diversity, Education, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Gender Equality, Being International, Mentorship and Philanthropy.

What is commitment?

For Michael Kouklakis, commitment “implies serving a just cause, a noble objective, one or several goals that are greater than any individual and serve the common good. When we commit ourselves to a common good, we do so wholeheartedly. As we are physical beings, commitment mobilizes the body as much as it does the mind. Beyond the traditional conferences and debates, this year's edition of Involvement Week will be embodied by a wide variety of cultural, artistic and sporting events. After all, commitment comes in many shapes, and sizes".



From October 12 to October 17 2015, ESSEC is organizing its 2nd Involvement Week whose goal is to highlight the different forms of commitment which express themselves throughout the year at our school and strengthen the ties within our community, among students, professors, alumni and members of staff. 

Because when we decide to commit ourselves to a particular cause we do so wholeheartedly, we have decided that this year's theme will be entitled, Body & Soul. Throughout the week, more than 60 events - debates, conferences, workshops, forums, performances - will take place on our campuses in Cergy, the CNIT and in Singapore. with a very strong mobilisation of student associations. Throughout the week a wide variety of themes will be explored such as the body and health, being international, mentorship, entrepreneurship, diversity, the environment, philanthropy, education, art and culture.

This second edition of Involvement Week is an opportunity to celebrate ESSEC. We are counting on your participation and your commitment in the service of our institution! Come and meet exceptional guests / participants and share with them your vision of commitment and its place in our society!

Jean-Michel Blanquer
Dean and President of ESSEC Business School

In 12 years, 520 ESSEC students have been tutors in the PQPM (A Business School, Why Not Me?) programme.  
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