by Patrice Poncet - Academic co-director of the chair.

The finance and insurance world has undergone major upheavals over the last few years, especially since the onset of the financial crisis in 2007, whose effects are still being felt. New challenges and new issues have emerged, but also new technical solutions and stronger regulation. Finance and insurance are still major service industries and are becoming increasingly complex. They are home to an extremely diverse range of occupations and their effects on both the economy as a whole and the wellbeing of individuals, whether retired or still in work, are more crucial than ever.

The ESSEC Finance Chair has been established with two complementary objectives in mind:

1. To act as a special forum where students and recent graduates can meet professionals at the top of their respective fields;   

2. To provide an opportunity to take part in debates of national interest, on vital subjects such as national debt, savings and pensions, demographic challenges, new forms of funding, stability of the financial system and market volatility and efficiency.

Through the lecture cycle organised by the Chair, participants will find out about new developments in occupations within the sector and its significant issues. They will learn about legislative and regulatory developments and will discover technical solutions to some major problems. They will also expand their own learning generally, through the experience and expertise of highly regarded professionals.