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Forthcoming Conferences

Pescara (Italy): February 15-16, 2018

Nantes (France): February 22-23, 2018

Sydney (Australia): March 22-23, 2018

Castro Urdiales (Spain): June 4-6, 2018

Quebec (Canada): Nov 16, 2018

Hannover (Germany): Feb 21-22, 2019

Sydney (Australia): April 4-5, 2019

Curaçao (West Indies): August 8 -10, 2019

Pittsburgh (US): June 21-22, 2019

Rome (Italy): June 20-21, 2018

Oxford (UK): June 14-15, 2017

Paris (France), June 23-24, 2016

Webinar Series

Monthly Webinar
Commodity Market Analyses, Cutting-Edge Quant Methods and Financial Instruments (Sponsored by Labex MME-DII).

CEMA Annual Meeting

A Yearly Conference Representing the Worldwide Benchmark Academic Meeting in the Area of Energy and Commodity Markets.

Professional Research

A Joint Collaboration with the University of Colorado Denver Business School (US) for Informing the Commodity Industry on Innovative Research Work. 

PhD Education

Joining Graduate Studies on Modeling, Pricing and Risk Management Oil, Gas, and Soft Commodity Portfolios and Physical Assets. 

ECOMFIN Activity Report 2015-2016

This document is the first bi-annual report on the activities pursued by the center in the period 2015-2016.. 
Research Team

Teaming Influential Researchers Drawing Theories and Performing Analyses at the Farthest Frontiers of Financial Knowledge.

CEMA Association
Actively Promoting Pure and Applied Research in All Fields Concerned with Markets for Commodities and Energy Sources. 

Professional Research
Keeping up with Ultimate Tools and Market Practice for Trading, Risk Analysis, and Exposure Management. 

MS Education (ECOMFIN Track)

Mastering Energy, Metal and Soft Commodity Markets, Financial Economics, and 
Structured Financial Securities.

Summer School

A Graduate Training School in Financial Risk Management, Energy Risk Management, and EURO Project Cutting-Edge Analysis. 

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