4.0.0 - 13 Aug 2015

  • Correcting version number in ESRI config file.
  • Synchronizing GISCode across RBT products.
  • Unifying exception handling across GISCode products.

3.7.8 - 10 Jul 2015

  • ArcGIS 10.2.2
  • Re-introduced habitat menu and features.
  • Compressed all icons.

3.7.7 - 6 Oct 2014

  • Tested and fixed several issues with the bankfull detrending.
  • Two new detrending tools added:
    • Detrending from line
    • Detrending from trend raster
  • Fixed bankfull slider volume to area going blank when the user touches the slider.
  • Fixed the "add reference points" feature on the bankfull slider
  • Fixed the smoothing of the input flow line in the centerline tool

3.7.5 - 27 Jun 2014

  • RBT restructured as an ArcGIS Add-In.
  • Removed unnecessary code files and linkages to GCD, GDAL etc.
  • Upgraded to ZedGraph
  • Detrending incorporates the variable filter size based on the input DEM cell resolution.
  • Stage slider:
    • has the option to export all or just the largest polygons
    • has the ability to smooth the exported polygons
    • expands then shrinks the wetted raster extent so as to eliminate triangular donut artifacts.
    • Default is now to export the largest polygon and smooth the output.
  • Default cross section layout is now for multiple (10) cross sections.
  • Cross section layout now pops up an instructional message telling users what to do next.
  • Improved input validation on all tools.
  • All tools now perform various ESRI licensing and ArcGIS status checks. These vary by tool but include:
    • Attempts to obtain a Spatial Analyst or 3D Analyst license.
    • Prevents the user from running tools when the user is in an ArcMap edit session.
    • Checks that an ArcGIS Advanced (ArcInfo) license is available.

3.6.10 - 26 Nov 2013

  • Fixed issue on HEC RAS export tool when browsing to a centerline and no bankfull polygon is selected.
  • Changed name of DEM on bankfull panel to "Detrended DEM".
  • Removed the word "Feature Class" from tooltips on the raster import user controls.

3.6.9 - 20 Nov 2013

  • Completely re-written the installer class that registers the RBT with ArcGIS. The previous version did not work if the user had ArcGIS installed anywhere but in C:\Program Files (or C:\Program Files(x86) on 64 bit computers).
  • Implemented tool category and unique name strings so that tools appear in the ArcGIS customize menu properly.
  • Added checks for all RBT tools to ensure that user is not in an edit session when they launch the tool.
  • Added checks to enable Spatial Analyst when relevant tools are launched.
  • Fixed typo in Longitudinal Explorer.
  • Fixed getting the raster file path in the volume to area ratio graph on the bankfull tool.
  • Bankfull export window now closes after each export (because an error was occurring when it stayed open.)
  • Fixed browsing to DEM raster in bankfull panel. Now stays selected after the combobox is filled.
  • Increased maximum centerline tool smoothing tolerance from 100 to 1000.
  • Cross section explorer labels now get updated with the correct units (previous bug had them appearing as a number)
  • Implemented the proper way to get IWorkspaceFactory from COM issuer. Not using New() statement.
  • New GIS dataset input and output controls implemented.
  • Updated to latest GISCode core code. Uses GISDataStructures with all RBT forms.
  • New Bankfull pool export algorithm. Simple does "regions". Let's the user save "all" or "largest" region.

3.3.3 Release 27 Feb 2013

  • Changed XS layout separation spin control to have one decimal places (for Sara Bangen).

Current Release (3.0) Major Problems

  • Detrending breaks for most datasets
  • Workflow is confusing (centreline needs Thalweg and Thalweg needs centreline)
  • Longitudinal lines are backwards (causing cross sections to be flipped)

Next Release (3.1?) Planned Improvements

The goal is to complete this release ASAP... preferably by the end of September, 2011. The top priority is getting a release out with working detrending (which has never properly worked under ArcGIS 10).
  • Only releasing for ArcGIS 10
  • Detrending
    • Enhanced input and output formats to handle IMG, TIF and Grid (looking into File geodatabases)
    • Fixed region code that was causing many of the problems
    • Cell size is now dynamic
    • Reviewed python code, some filter parameters have quotation marks
    • "Fill" geoprocessing tool now breaks for large datasets in ArcGIS 10.
    • Re-implement flow accumulation line output (but remove Thalweg output)
    • New detrending option based on user defined trend points (i.e. CHaMP waters edge points)
  • New "Find Flow Points" tool
    • Creates two new ShapeFiles that contain the inflow and outflow points for a DEM.
  • Centreline Tool
    • new "point and distance"  approach should be much more stable than the old split polygon approach
  • Thalweg Tool
    • Takes the inflow and outflow points from the new tool.
    • Smoothing distance will be a user input
  • Online Help now structured as Wiki (editable by USFS)
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January 6, 2012 Testing Relrease for Dave Nagel. Two types of detrending working. Cleaned up Thalweg form.  
January 13, 2012 Test Release for Dave Nagel. Centreline using smoothed flow line.  
January 18, 2012  Testing release for Dave Nagel. Changed centreline to include flow line smoothing as UI input.  
March 16, 2012 Test Release. Many file management improvements, expeically for centreline and thalweg tools.  
March 23, 2012 3.1.9 Longitudinal explorer labellig corrected. New Flow Line Tool. Pools distance units now RKM.  
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