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Installing the RBT

The RBT is structured as an ArcGIS Add-In. To install the RBT you need to obtain the RBT Add-in file and then register it with ArcGIS. Note that this approach no longer requires the RBT to be formally installed on your computer as with previous versions.

It is important that you uninstall all prior versions of the RBT before attempting to install the latest version. If you have a copy of RBT version 3.6 or earlier, you will need to close all ESRI products and then uninstall the RBT via the Windows Control Panel.

The following video demonstrates how to install the RBT Add-In.

System Requirements

Prior to installating the RBT you should ensure that you have the following installed on your computer. Note that with the RBT now structured as an ArcGIS Add-In you no longer require Administrator privileges to install the RBT.

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7, 8 or 8.1.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 or higher.
  • ESRI ArGIS Desktop 10.1 Service Pack 1 (important: the RBT only works with 10.1 and not 9.x or 10.2).
  • Many features of the Toolkit require the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension to be installed.
  • Detrending (Flow Accumulation) requires an ArcGIS Advanced (formerly ArcInfo) license for full functionality.


If you are using Windows XP, it is necessary to install Microsoft .Net Framework Version 3.5 (or higher) before installing ArcGIS. If .NET Framework Version 3.5 (or higher) is not installed first, ArcGIS will not install the .NET components necessary to run the River Bathymetry Toolkit.

Uninstalling the RBT

To uninstall the RBT version 3.7 or newer:

  1. Open ArcMap.
  2. Choose "Add-In Manager..." on the Customize menu.
  3. Select the RBT Add-In in the list of installed Add-Ins.
  4. Click "Delete this Add-In". Click "Yes" when prompted.
  5. Close and reopen ArcMap.

To uninstall a version of the RBT older than 3.7:

  1. Close all ESRI products (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ESRI Administrator etc)
  2. Click on the Windows Start button and select Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Scroll down to River Bathymetry Toolkit, and select it; click on Remove.