September: Bowhold Page

Violin & Viola Bow Hold Process:
  • Shake out the right hand to relax the fingers and wrist
  • Teach a bow hold strategy while steadying the bow with the left hand:
  • 1. Bunny “chompers”, Ears are the pinky and index finger. Bunny eats carrot stick
  • 2. Flop hand - let hand naturally hang on bow, then apply thumb.
  • 3. Name the fingers - apply one finger at a time (index finger is number 1, middle finger is #2, ring finger is #3, pinky and thumb)
  • Review the above checkpoints

Step 1.     Step 2.    Step 3. 

The Bunny Bow Hold Song 

(To the tune of Do Your Ears Hang Low)

Is your right thumb bent,

is it resting in the stick?


Are there two buck teeth,

and one floppy ear? 

Is your pinky curved, is it sitting on the stick?

If it is, then you probably have a good bow-grip!


Copy this link for some fun bow exercises using fun music!