A WELL-TRAINED, PERFECTLY CONDITIONED HORSE is a joy to ride. Ask any Esler Arabian client. Congratulations to client Scott Griffen on JAC Mocha, best overall condition all 5 days at Ft. Schellbourne XP, trained and conditioned by Janine Esler. Congratulations CR Abu Kumait, 2 days at New Cuyama, top ten and 1st featherweight American River 70, 5-day finisher at Ft. Schellbourne XP, ridden and trained by Janine Esler, owned by Shellie Hatfield. Also Tom Guise and Diana Lundy, 5 days and 4 days, respectively, same ride, same horse, trained and conditioned by Janine. And, we all had fun! For your name and horse on the next success story, call Esler Arabians at 916-652-8937 or email