Client Testimonials

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If you would like your training or endurance questions answered, contact Janine at:

Esler Arabians, Phone: (916) 652-8937,


Client Testimonials

"What you will find with Janine Esler is a trainer who will actually train your horse herself. No other riders will ride him while he is in her care. This is very important – a horse needs one message from one trainer. Once Janine completes the training, she will then teach you, the rider, and the brains of the operation, you will need to learn how to communicate with your newly trained horse. Your horse will be fit from riding the Tevis Trails and he will know exactly how to perform at a ride because he will know what is expected of him. Don’t make the mistake and take your horse to someone that allows other people to ride him just to put miles on him, I have spent thousands of dollars doing it the wrong way until I met Janine in September 2012. It is money will spent and she now honors credit cards – a very nice feature so you can pay over time!

Although my work keeps me busy with little time to keep my horses in endurance shape, whenever I need one of them trained or ‘tuned up’, I call her. I have her number on speed dial – one of the perks you get once you get your horse back – she is always just a phone call away."

Sheilah Serradell, AERC#: M33631

"After my Arabian Gelding bucked myself and my friend off, I needed a trainer. I inquired of my local feed store, Douglas Ranch Supply. Janine Esler was recommended. I didn’t want to get back on my crazy bucking horse so I called Janine to see if she could help me. After several months of training, a gear overall and conditioning rides at the lake I was a better rider. My horse became manageable and easy to ride. Janine was very patient with me and my horse. We gradually worked up to longer and more vigorous rides.  She finds the strengths in both the horse and rider and works hard to improve those skills. Janine brought out the best in myself and my horse.  I could tell my horse really loved Janine and loved staying at her ranch for training!  Soon I was bringing my mare over for lessons and conditioning. My mare has turned out to be a surprise endurance horse that has tons of potential and is a blast to ride. In a short time Janine has turned my 18 year old mare into a great athlete. Together we have completed three 50 mile rides in the last 3 months, Janine led and mentored! Janine rode her recently on a 50 mile ride so my horse has successfully completed four 50 mile rides. Some of these 50 miles rides were extremely difficult with very steep hills. My mare did very well and made it through all of the vet checks with Janine’s expert help and guidance. In order to get ready for the 50 mile endurance rides, Janine and I rode almost every weekend on 15 to 20 mile rides on the Western States Trail.  This was excellent conditioning for myself and my mare. It was also tons of fun. I work full time so Janine is flexible with her weekends in order to make sure I have time to ride and get myself into condition also. Since I work full time and travel quite a bit for my job, Janine keeps my mare at her ranch and conditions during the week. Because of this I am able to ride on the weekends and complete 50 mile rides. I am thrilled that I have found a sport that I can enjoy and be successful at my age (mid-50’s).  I feel you are never too old to begin the sport of endurance riding and Janine can help you achieve your goals. She definitely knows what she is doing with the horses, on the trails, and especially how to get you and your horse in condition to accomplish your goals."


Cynthia Warren, AERC# M40514

"I love trail riding and I had always wanted to do Endurance Riding; I dreamed about it, read books about it, read everything I could find online about it. I knew the horse I owned wouldn’t be able to take me to my dreams and goals and that’s where Janine came into my life. I purchased one of her incredibly well bred horses. I then hired her to train the Mare and me! What an education I received! While she was training this new unbroken mare she trained me at the same time with my gelding. I learned everything there was to know about how to do successful LD rides on my gelding all the while learning about owning, riding and caring for a young horse. I’m proud to say my dream of completing a 50 mile ride has come true thanks to Janine. She is now one of my dearest friends. When you train with Janine you become family; she really cares about you, your horse and your success. You will have a lifetime friend and trainer."

Laura Sitcler, AERC#: M35615