In the shrinking city, this is a moment of increasing wildness, at the intersection of increasing invasive species, abandonment and vacancy, and an apparent loosening of control over public and private green space. Phenomena and trends from economics, politics, demographics, and the natural sciences converge at this effect: increasing disorder and decay, with a resurgence of nature and unkempt spaces. As humans, we have a long cultural and evolutionary history with wilderness and nature, narratives that continue to develop today, impacting how we react to, perceive and ultimately live within the wilder city.


In this course, we explore and create the construct of “wildness” by investigating material concerning the range of issues above and beyond. This interdisciplinary approach welcomes students from a variety of backgrounds and programs, and encourages synthesis across boundaries. Coursework incorporates the pragmatic and inclusive viewpoint of landscape architecture while welcoming those from non-design backgrounds.