Resources you can use for any class
  • Anki : An awesome flashcard application that can be used to quickly and effectively review material.

  • Studyboost: Use texting to study for tests.  It created texted flashcards.  What a great excuse to have to use your phone :)


  • Pace Recorder: Worried about talking to fast or too slow in a performance presentation?  This Android app is here to help you set just the right pace.

     Cool Tools for Schools: An amazing resource for all web based tools.

  • Prezi: Tired of power points?? Create dynamic cool presentations... free subscriptions available for students.

    Powtoon: Another awesome alternative to power points. 

  • Wordle:  Create word clouds, great for presentations or locker decorations for your friends.


Copyright:  This is an important topic to understand before starting any research paper.  Or go to You Tube's Copyright School to see the information in video form.

  • Sweet Search:  This search engine will only return reliable resources for you to use.

  • Gist Web: This is a great way to start your research. This site will give you the gist of what is on the page and take out the fluff. Giving you a chance to see if the web page is a resource that you want to use.

  • Create Your Own Comic Strip/Book


    Paper Rater This website will give you suggesting on how to improve your writing and will also help you check for unintentional plagiarism.
    Hemmingway App:  This website will give you specific suggestions on how to improve your writing.  A great way to check your paper before  you turn it in.

    General Theatre Links

    Writing a Play

    Scriptwriting: This site has example scripts that you can use to get ideas for how to write a script.
    Raw Scripts: Online software for writing screenplays.


    Bluegobo: Amazing Original Musical Performances

    Show Tunes Singing Lessons:  How to audition for a musical

    Musicals 101: An encyclopedia of Musical Theatre


    Acting Workshop Online

    Filmmaking: Independent filmmaker Nathan Boehme shares some of his expertise about making films.

     Music Theatre International Fun Zone:  Theatre games and puzzles

    American Theatre Wing: Videos about working in theatre.

    Careers in Theatre

    Free Student APPS

    Evernote Peek (Ipad 2 only)

    My Homework

    Haiku Deck  Super cool alternative to power points.

    Denver Acting Auditions

    Colorado Theatre Guild

    Just for Fun