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Randy Fairfield

Randy Fairfield
 Technology/Instructional Coach in the Richland School District
 Google for Education Trainer Essentials Certificate (Apps + Chrome)
 Google Certified Educator, Level 1 & 2
 Edmodo Certified Trainer / EdmodoCon 2015 Speaker

Twitter: @RandyFairfield

Session 1: 
The Power of Google Chrome
Skill Level: Beginner
Audience: All Audiences

Internet Explorer? Mozilla Firefox? Google Chrome? What's the difference?

After coming to this session you'll be using Google Chrome and you'll never look back!

Topics that will be covered include: (1) Getting Started, (2) Chrome Extensions, (3) Keyboard Shortcuts, (4) Bookmarking, and (5) Q&A / Tips & Tricks.

Session 3: 
Edmodo + GAFE = Personalized Learning
Skill Level: Intermediate
Audience: Teachers

With school districts all around the world going Google for Education, many teachers are switching from their previous LMS to Google Classroom. While there are a lot of benefits to using Classroom, GAFE can still be integrated easily with other platforms, such as Edmodo. Since Edmodo offers a number of robust features that Google Classroom does not, there are a number of student-centered reasons why teachers should consider using it! 

In this session, teachers will learn about how to integrate Edmodo and GAFE. A brief presentation about how Edmodo and GAFE can be used to facilitate project-based learning will be given, and teachers will leave with all the prerequisite skills needed to begin integrating Edmodo and GAFE in their classrooms.

Session 2: 
Google Sites for Teacher Websites, School Clubs,
and School-wide Initiatives
Skill Level: Beginner
Audience: All Audiences

Google Sites is one of the most powerful and simple ways to bring together content created using Google Apps. During this session you will get to see a number of different educational contexts in which Google Sites can be used! From teacher websites, to a website for your school club, or a website to promote a building or district initiative, Google Sites has great deal of potential that often goes untapped! 

This will be a hands-on session that will cover both basic and advanced uses of Google Sites. From those of you just getting started to those trying to figure out how to embed a Twitter feed into their Site, this session is meant for you! 

Previous experience working with Google Drive, Docs, Slides, and/or Forms is advised.

PD Evaluation - https://goo.gl/W7hmRw