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December 2023 - March 2024 Updates Include:


Reading Language Arts: Pre-Kindergarten (Motivation to Read), Kindergarten (units 6, 10-11), English 1 (unit 4)


Social Studies:  Pre-Kindergarten (People Past and Present, Economics, Citizenship, Geography), 3rd Grade (units 1-4 & 5-6), World History Studies (units 6-7)  


Science: Pre-Kindergarten (Earth and Space Sciences, Physical Science, Life Science), 8th Grade (unit 9)

Math: 2nd Grade (units 10-12), 3rd Grade (unit 6), 5th Grade (unit 6), 6th Grade (units 8-9), 7th Grade (units 7-10), Precalculus (units 8-13)


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