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US Government

The Week in Government

Final Exam Friday 4/30 - AP Exam Monday 5/3

Due Monday - Review Essays 9-11 - MC Packet (both due before the test)

Review Materials


Due: APEX Notes: Policy Notes
In Class: Review for Final Exam/AP Test
Tuesday Due: 
In Class:  Unit 1 Review - Unit 2 Review
Wednesday Due:
In Class: Unit 3 Review
Thursday Due:
In Class: Chapter 12 terms - Chapter 13 terms
Practice Quizzes - the Congress - the Presidency - the Bureaucracy - the Judiciary
Friday Due:
In Class: Final Exam
Due After Break:

Current Events Sheet Available Below Under "Attachments"
 Constitutional Underpinnings of
American Government

 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
 Political Behavior
 Political Parties, Interest Groups
and the Media

 Institutions of American Government
 Public Policy
James Godoy,
Feb 1, 2010, 2:01 PM