Mr. Jackson - 9th Grade Bio

This is my first year teaching Impact and I am very proud to be spending the year with the collaborative, creative, and talented crew of educators at Impact Academy.

My educational background:
I received my undergraduate at UC Santa Cruz where I studied biological sciences, German language, and Theatre. After a year of post-graduation globe trotting I settled in Oakland and spent the next year substitute teaching throughout Oakland Unified School District. 

From there I entered the Mills College: Masters and Credential in Math and Science program. While at Mills I co-taught Biology at Oakland Tech, and 6th Grade Science at Bancroft Middle School.

For my first year full-time I taught Algebra 1, 7th Grade Life Science, 8th Grade Physical Science, and Theatre at Nea Community Learning Center, a Charter School in Alameda.

This year I will also be receiving my master degree at Mills college. At Mills we focus on facilitator collaboration, learning through discovery and inquiry, empowering youth independence and self-motivation, and establishing relationships with each student to better assess and teach through their individual learning modalities. I intend to emphasize these very tenets in my teaching at Impact.

My personal background:
As one quickly discovers from meeting me, I have a lot of energy and I love nearly everything about life. I am particularly passionate about science, computers, performing, biking, gardening, teaching, and especially travel! Each summer I embark on an epic trip with my significant other, Jessica, to destinations all over the world.