Erik Page & Associates, Inc. provides technical expertise on energy efficiency lighting to a wide variety of clients including lighting manufacturers, utilities, researcher, regulators and end-users.  Specific services provided include:


…for Manufacturers

·     Product Development:             Development and/or refinement of energy-efficient lighting products      

·     Market Evaluation:                    Independent evaluation of product market opportunities

·     Market Connection:                  Strategic outreach to key market players in energy efficient lighting

…for Utilities

·     Program Development:            Design, develop and/or implement utility programs related to energy efficient lighting

·     Product Evaluation:                   Technical evaluation of energy efficient lighting products and systems

·     Project Management:                Experimental design, coordination and/or implementation of energy efficient lighting field testing

…for End-users

·     Product Evaluation:                       Technical evaluation of energy efficient lighting products and systems

·     Green Building Consultation:     Review and evaluation of energy efficient lighting designs for buildings

… for Researchers

·     Research:                                   Subcontractor for R & D support of various Technical evaluations of energy efficient lighting research efforts.

·     Technical Support:                    Technical support and evaluation on energy efficient lighting research projects publications.

… for Regulators

·     Technical support:                     Technical support for energy efficient lighting codes and standards development and evaluation.

Past Clients