NQTTCN is a space that prioritizes our needs and our vision for healing in our communities in an effort to interrupt the consequences of the oppression we experience.

It is my intention to create a space for queer, gender non-conforming and trans therapists to build, resource and support one another as clinicians and healers. NQTTCN will provide a network of support for QTPoC folks seeking transformative mental health resources rooted in social justice and liberation.

Over the next year I hope to grow this space for queer and trans therapists of color who will inform how we utilize our relationships and collective power to build our capacity for healing our communities. I will be working on exclusive content including webinars, interviews with leaders in our field as well as supporting opportunities for members to connect face to face at national and regional gatherings!

This space is for PROVIDERS only.

Check out the Announcements page to share events, trainings, etc. that may be of interest to the group. Add your contact info and services to the Members page, seek out other therapists on the Referrals page and share tools, articles and more on the Resources page. 

For members who already have full access, make sure you sign-in (link on the bottom left of this page)! I recommend checking out the Getting Started Page to help you get familiar with the Google site.

Don't forget to check out the Facebook Group! Here you will find other members, referrals, weekly content and discussion as well as information about conferences, trainings, job opportunities and more.

For questions, more info, and to gain full access to this site, contact us at nqttcn@gmail.com!

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