Softball Speed Training!
On October 1st and October 8th from 12:00-1:30 ER Fitness Inc. will be presenting our two-part Softball Specific Speed Clinics and Softball Premium Strength Training Programs. Over the last four years our gym has become the go to facility for speed training because we have made speed and how to train for it our top priority. Unlike linear sports softball is multi-directional in its movements. Because of that each player must master the fundamental techniques that apply to these movements. In addition, one cannot optimize speed without training anaerobic strength and power. Simply put strength is the foundation on which speed is built.

Part One Speed Clinic:
  • Fundamental linear and multi-directional acceleration techniques that will dramatically improve your
  • first step.
  • Why the drop step is outdated
  • Our Hand-Eye coordination and reaction drills that will carry over into your game.

Part Two Speed Clinic:

  • Max velocity techniques for base running.
  • Strength training principles that we have used to build some of the strongest athletes in the area.
  • Med ball and cable progressions that will increase bat speed and throwing velocity.
  • Corrective exercises and proper warm ups that will save your shoulders.
Our Softball Premium Training Program is an individualized, comprehensive, 4 week at a time training program that covers strength, power and speed. Each athlete is given a movement and strength assessment that will form the basis for the individualized program.

Our results speak for themselves. We currently have 6 state track champions and 12 all-state players in their respective sports.

Next Softball Specific Speed Clinic:
  • Part 1 - Saturday, Oct. 1st, 12-1:30
  • Part 2 - Saturday, Oct. 8th, 12-1:30
Athletes can begin our Softball Premium Strength Training program anytime. The four weeks begin at the first session.
Call or email for initial assessments

Recent Announcements

  • TWO-PART SPEED CLINIC - Oct 1st and Oct 8th  A two part softball speed clinic has been setup for Saturday October 1st and October 8th. $35 per session. See the Speed Factory page for more information. 
    Posted Sep 21, 2016, 8:40 PM by Er Fitness
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