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High School boys love the “mirror muscles.”  But the truth is they should be more concerned with their backside than with their frontside.  The posterior chain is where all the star players on the team reside.  The glutes, hamstrings, calves and spinal erectors must be in the game so to speak.  Neglect them and performance will never be what it could have been. So how does one make sure all those backside muscles are contributing to your game?

Well first it’s important that each athlete be assessed to make sure all those muscles are even firing correctly.  Here’s a quick test you can do right now.  Lay on your back with your arms pointed straight to the ceiling.  Now bring your knees up and put your feet flat on the floor.  Put your knees and feet together and raise your hip into extension.  With both thighs parallel extend one leg for 20 seconds and check to see where you feel your muscles contracting.

Did you feel it in your hamstrings?  How about your quads or your lower back?  If you felt it anywhere but your butt your glutes are not firing right.  That’s step one.  Step two is turning them back on.  And one way to do that is by simply squeezing each cheek as much as you can.  You can do this standing or lying and by adding this to your warm ups you will wake your butt up.  For more information on our assessments check out our videos or contact us.

Lastly, our golf training program is now up and running.  So, if you are looking to increase yardage on your drive and play with less pain this is the program for you.  And our next 8-12 group training starts Wednesday February 28th.
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