Distribution of Materials on School Premises

posted Oct 21, 2013, 9:20 AM by Christine Shock
Eagle Ridge Academy has set rules and limitations on the distribution of materials (flyers) on school premises. This is to facilitate an environment that supports the school’s mission statement and is conducive to a college preparatory education.

Implementation of rules and limitations:

1. Materials not related to school-sponsored activities, curriculum, or academic programs will not be distributed on school property by individuals, community groups, or organizations without approval of the Head of School or his/her designee.

2. Non-student vested and/or special interest groups will not be allowed to distribute materials and literature throughout the school or on school grounds during school day hours.

3. All flyers must meet the following criteria:

a. No flyer shall conflict with the Board’s mission, policies, or the school’s curriculum or instructional program.

b. No flyer shall promote hostility, disorder, or violence.

c. No flyer shall attack, demean, ridicule or disparage based upon membership in any group identified in state and federal anti-discrimination laws and/or in the school’s nondiscrimination policies.

d. No flyer shall be libelous.

e. No flyer shall endorse a political cause, political activity, political party or candidate for political office or position.

f. No flyer shall promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms or gambling.

g. No flyer shall advance, endorse, nor demean any religious organization.

h. No flyer shall adversely affect the school’s reputation or image.

i. No flyer shall promote K-12 schools other than Eagle Ridge Academy.

4. Any employee, citizen, or organization wishing to use staff mailboxes to distribute non-school related materials to staff must receive prior authorization from the Head of School or his/her designee.

5. Individuals, community groups, or organizations who wish to distribute flyers must complete the “Request for Permission to Distribute Flyers” at least 10 days before distribution. (Download the form below). 

If approved, the individuals, community groups, or organizations would follow the procedure as outlined on the “Request.”
Christine Shock,
Oct 21, 2013, 9:22 AM