As we strive to communicate the status of open position(s) at Eagle Ridge Academy, unfortunately this is not always possible due to the large amount of applicants who apply.  Furthermore, please be advised, Eagle Ridge Academy will not reimburse any expenses incurred during the hiring process or during employment at Eagle Ridge Academy including, but not limited to, travel expenses for interviews, relocation expenses, airfare, etc.

Current Employment Openings:
If you are interested in employment at Eagle Ridge Academy, please click here for the online application.
To learn more about Eagle Ridge Academy please visit www.eagleridgeacademy.net

If you are interested in employment at Eagle Ridge Academy, please click here for the online application.

Interested applicants should also download and review the Warrior Way. You may also download the
ERA Salary Schedule and the ERA Employee Handbook, located below.
Eagle Ridge Academy (“ERA”) is a 9th through 12th grade Charter High School located in Brighton, Colorado and is
authorized by School District 27J. ERA offers a college preparatory program with a strong emphasis on Science, Technology,
Engineering and Mathematics. ERA partners with Front Range Community College in a Concurrent Enrollment Program
that allows students to receive both high school and college credit for selected courses.ERA offers a hands-on content rich
curriculum that incorporates 21st century learning skills along with Steven Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

It is the mission of Eagle Ridge Academy to assist families in developing exemplary citizens by equipping students with
fundamental knowledge enabling them to be culturally literate, prepared for college, and virtuous in character. We accomplish
this through a rigorous curriculum of traditional content taught in a safe environment.

It is the vision of Eagle Ridge Academy to join students, parents, educators and the community to produce an educational
environment that nurtures, excites, and motivates students to learn. Eagle Ridge Academy empowers students to become
independent thinkers, fosters academic and moral excellence, promotes creativity and encourages students to seek out higher
education opportunities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Uploads grades weekly
  • Returns emails and phone calls to parents within 24 hours
  • Communicates with parents of struggling students when the situation does not improve over a period of two weeks
  • Attends at least one community event per semester. These events are the things that directly involve our students
  • athletics, arts, or academics
  • Acts as a coach, sponsor, leader or chaperone for an activity that directly involves our students
  • Is expected to be on campus from 7:30 to 3:30 or reasonably meets the expected time windows
  • Attends faculty meetings, department meetings, conferences and in-service trainings as assigned
  • Fulfills all assigned duty responsibilities
  • Promotes a positive image of Eagle Ridge Academy both inside and outside of the school
  • Promotes a positive school culture which models the excellence expected at Eagle Ridge Academy
  • Demonstrates an effort to live in accordance to the 7 Habits for Highly Effective People
  • Adheres and complies with The Warrior Way (please see below)
The Warrior Way ( With Regard to Colleagues):
• Treats others with respect, courtesy and collegiality
• Makes an effort to be a part of a strong team of educators understanding that a good team produces a good product
• Follows procedures, protocols and directives from the office and administration

The Warrior Way (With Regard to Academic Concerns):
• Understands and fulfills the expectations established for his/her course(s) according to school, district, and state
• Plans and implements lessons that support the schools focus on S.T.E.M curriculum
• Creates, communicates, and implements a thorough course syllabus
  • Attains and sustains an academic program that prepares a student for the rigors of college while requiring students to be virtuous in character
  •  E
    ffectively uses differentiated methods of classroom instruction including but not limited to technology, media, groups, etc.
  • Prepares and utilizes a substitute teacher folder
  • Turns in all grades for weekly eligibility, quarters and semesters by the communicated due date and time
  • Utilizes a teacher website for the purposes of communication
  • Gives a final at the conclusion of each term that helps students prepare for the expectations of a future college course
  • Pursues professional development, trainings, and educational opportunities as a life-long learner
  • Refrains from discussing confidential issues in the presence of other students or parents
  • Prepares lessons with the 21st century learning skills as a major component in delivery of material
The Warrior Way (With Regard to Classroom Management):
• Is on time and fully prepared for each class with a lesson
• Holds all students accountable for academic honesty and integrity
• Exhibits a minimum amount of classroom ‘presence’ in order to effectively maintain discipline within his/her
• Holds every student accountable for attendance and punctuality including enforcing the school tardy policy and the
tardy policy outlined in the course syllabus
• Holds every student accountable for the school dress code including enforcing the dress code policy
• Ensures that students are supervised at all times
• Monitors the safety of their immediate area during passing periods and before and after school

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