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Participation Is A Privilege

Eagle Ridge Academy completely agrees with CHSAA stance on participation in school sports being a privilege not a right. “Participation in interscholastic activities as part of the school’s educational program is a privilege and not a right. Students wishing to participate are required to meet standards of personal behavior and academic performance which are related to school purposes.” CHSAA By-Laws


ERA’s Eligibility Rules

Prior to participation in any interscholastic competition, it is required that all athletes have a signed an Eagle Ridge Academy Contract, current sport physical, and paid the required sport fee, on file in the athletics office prior to the start of the regular season. Until all required documents are on file in the office a student/athlete will not be able to participate in their sport.

Eagle Ridge Academy Academic Eligibility

  1. If at any time a student has an F in any class the student/athlete will be ineligible for that week and will continue to be ineligible until he/she has brought his/her failing grade up to a passing grade.
  2. Student-athletes ineligible for 2 consecutive weeks in a season will be ineligible for the remainder of the season in order to focus on their academic progress and will immediately turn in all uniforms.  Ineligible students may not attend practices.
  3. In order to be eligible for interscholastic athletics, a student/athlete must be a full-time student and have passed 2.50 Carnegie Units (equivalent of five classes each carrying a .50 credit) each semester. At the end of a semester, the student’s final credits in his/her subjects shall be used to determine eligibility for next semester’s athletic participation.
  4. Academic eligibility includes grades from college classes. 
  5. Each week, grades will be checked, and students earning a grade of D in any class will be on probation for the duration of that week.  These students will be required to work diligently to improve that grade, and this work must be documented on the appropriate form with the signature of his/her teacher.  At the coach’s discretion, the probationary student may be required to attend study halls, work with a tutor, or pursue other academic support as determined.
  6. Fall 10th to 12th grade student-athletes that had 2 or more failing grades in the previous spring semester will be ineligible until the grade check the week of October 9th.
  7. Additionally, there are attendance requirements that may cause a student-athlete to lose eligibility for a daily or seasonal period. In order to participate in a scheduled athletic contest, a student-athlete cannot have any unexcused absences for the day of the contest and must be in school for a minimum of 4 classes with a maximum of 3 excused absences (as defined in the student handbook) from classes on the day of the contest.
  8. Any student-athlete who accrues 20 days absent or more from school during a semester shall not  be eligible to participate in any athletic contest until he/she has been in attendance for a total of 60 school days following his/her 20th day of absence.


Sportsmanship of Athletes, Parents and Spectators

ERA values positive sportsmanship on the part of its athletes, parents and spectators. Any individuals creating a disturbance which violates ERA’s values on sportsmanship, at a game, scrimmage or practice, will be asked to leave the ERA event. Individuals who create a constant disruption will be asked not to return to ERA sporting events, including practices, scrimmages and games.


Transportation To and From Games

ERA student-athletes are expected to travel to and from athletic contests and events in school-approved vehicles under adult supervision provided by ERA.  It is our desire that students participate fully with their team, with includes travel. ERA strongly suggests that teammates travel back to the school after the completion of the contest and then are picked up by their parents once they have returned to school.  However ERA gives each coach the power to set their own standards or whether or not a student/athlete can leave with their parent at the completion of the contest.  If the coach does authorize the departure of the student/athlete with their parent, then that student/athlete must check in with their coach prior to leaving so the coach is informed of the status of the student/athlete.  ERA relies on parents to provide transportation to and from games, if you are interested in being a parent volunteer driver, please contact your student’s coach or Mrs. Rodriguez to fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Playing at Other Schools

Students who attend ERA, who wish to play a sport that ERA does not offer, may play that sport at their “home” school. Your “home” school is determined by where you live. For example, if you live in Fort Lupton and attend ERA your “home” school is Fort Lupton High School and you can only play for Fort Lupton. Playing for the wrong school can result in forfeiting wins for the team that you played on and/or disqualification of that student playing that sport the next year/season. If you have questions about which school you should play for please contact Mrs. Rodriguez. If you are participating in a CHSAA activity (sports, cheer, etc) you must let Mrs. Rodriguez know before you start practicing. 

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