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Pick Up and Drop Off During Parking Lot Construction

posted Aug 16, 2017, 8:01 AM by Christine Shock   [ updated Aug 16, 2017, 8:03 AM ]
We are so excited to announce that construction will begin on our new student parking lot this week on
Thursday, August 17th . The project will take approximately six weeks and will impact traffic flow and
pedestrians. We are implementing the following plan and will need the support and cooperation of our
entire ERA family to keep students safe and to minimize the inconveniences caused by construction:

1. The driveway and sidewalk south of the building to and from Southern Street will be closed for the
duration of the construction. No one may use that driveway or sidewalk to enter or exit ERA. The
construction site will be fenced for safety reasons, and the driveway and sidewalk will be barricaded.

2. All parents/guardians dropping off or picking up students must enter via the driveway from Telluride
Street, circle around, and exit via the same driveway to Telluride Street. For this to work efficiently,
there is no parking or waiting at the curb or in the drive for students. Students are released at 3:11, and
it takes them about 10 minutes to exit the building. Please do not arrive early and expect to park at the
curb. There will be teachers and administrators on duty to help direct traffic flow and keep vehicles
moving. Please support their efforts to keep everyone safe and to keep traffic flowing by following

3. Normally, ERA closes at 3:40; however, during the 6 week construction, we are offering a study hall
for students who wish to remain at school until 5:00 P.M. We hope this will support later pick up and
lessen traffic directly after school. Telluride Street and the front pick up area will be much less crowded
if you are able to wait until a bit later to pick up your child. We will open the concession stand and make
snacks available for purchase by all students. If you can wait until 4:00 or later during this construction
to pick up your child, please do so.

4. We will ask student drivers to use the lane behind the school. There is temporary fill making a ramp
so that they can travel over the curb and proceed at a safe rate of speed down the lane to enter and exit
the student parking lot. Teachers will also be on duty to monitor this area.

5. The Brighton Police will assist on Telluride Street as much as possible and when needed.
Later in the construction process when asphalt is being poured, the construction foreman has suggested
that it would be best and safest for the campus to be closed entirely. When we are aware of the date, I
will let you know, and this day will become an additional Hybrid instruction day. Students will sign in
online and work from home to complete assignments; thus, we will not lose an instructional day and be
able to keep everyone safe.