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7 ECTS 60 hours (including tutorial and exams) Course Description 

Paola Ferretti

S. Giobbe compound. EmailHomepage. 
Office Hours: Tuesday 10:00-13:00
Class: Every Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 10:30-13:00 Room B 11 S. Giobbe compound

Important Dates:

Starts onSeptember 20, 2011. Ends: October 28, 2011
Final exam: December 20, 2011
Grading: 50% final, 40% homeworks, 10% assiduity


M.Carter (2001): Foundations of Mathematical Economics, The MIT Press, Massachusetts.
M.I.Kamien, N.L.Schwartz (1991): Dynamic Optimization, The Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control in Economics and Management, second edition.
S.G. Krantz (2005): Differential Equations Demystified, McGraw-Hill.
R.K.Sundaram (1999), A First Course in Optimization Theory, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. [Chp. 9--12.]
K.Sydsaeter, P.Hammmond, A.Seierstadt, A.Strom (2005): Further Mathematics for Economic Analysis, Prentice Hall.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites required
Updated: February 28, 2012