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Language Courses

Each semester students have to take 2 ECTS of a language course, which will be graded on a Pass / No Pass basis. Below you can find information for the French Language Course offered by Université Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne:

Students in the QEM1 and QEM2 must take a French Language Course.
  • Course Distribution: During Welcome Week in September, QEM1 students take the French Language Test to determine their level. According to the results of this test, QEM1 students are divided into 2 groups: beginners  intermediate/advanced. Each group has 6 hours of French language per week, over the course of 7 weeks. QEM2 students will be divided into 2 groups (Group A for intermediate and Group B for advanced) for the French language course, which is not obligatory for QEM2 students.
  • Course Content: the course consists of:
    • Written and oral expression and comprehension: grammar, conjugation, vocabulary.
    • Study of written text, knowledge of major classical and contemporary authors.
    • Reading and understanding newspaper articles: reflection and exchanges on social phenomena.
    • Presentations of French culture: video workshops about French films, study of French songs.
    • Training for the French Language Exam (TCF).
    • Staging of a play by Feydeau, after seeing it with students in a Paris theater.
  • Language Placement Test: At the end of the year all the students may take a French-language exam, such as the TCF (Test de connaissance du français).