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Health Insurance

  • General insurance information provided by the coordination:
Marsh Insurance Scheme (Mandatory for students with Erasmus Mundus Scholarships and recommended for other students): For EM scholarship recipients, Marsh Insurance is paid for by the consortium.  The agreement covers two years of studies and is renewed each year for the new cohort of students.

   The QEM Consortium has signed an agreement with the insurance company:  
Marsh (S.A.-N.V.) - VAT BE 0403.276.906 RPR-RPM Brussels Registered CBFA         
014192 A - Boulevard du Souverain / Vorstlaan 2, B-1170 Brussels, BELGIUM

The EMIS 2 contract provides each student with an insurance scheme fully compliant with EACEA minimum requirements (accidental death, permanent invalidity due to an accident, costs of treatments following an accident/sickness, assistance to persons, and civil liability). Click here for more information.
  • Local insurance information provided by Paris:
French Social Security (mandatory for all students in Paris): French social security is obtained through enrollment at the University of Paris 1, for students under 28 years of age. Otherwise, the student must subscribe to the universal health-insurance coverage scheme (couverture maladie universelle: CMU that is part of the Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie, also called CPAM), which is not included in the registration fee. European nationals must bring their Health Insurance card to the QEM office. This will cover the student while in Paris.

After receiving the Student card, the student should send the "Affiliation Sécurité Social" part of the Certificat de Scolarité paper that comes with it to the postal address of the "Centre Choisi."
  • Mutuelle”: Complementary health insurance is not compulsory, but is strongly recommended. This student insurance program costs from 125 to 250 Euros per year, depending on coverage chosen (including civil liability and accident). The LMDE is a national, student group health plan that insures more than 800,000 students.
Get answers to your questions about medical insurance for students at the official site of France's social security system.