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Health Insurance

  • General insurance information provided by the coordination:
Marsh Insurance Scheme (Mandatory for students with an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and recommended for other students): For EM scholarship recipients, Marsh Insurance is paid for by the consortium.  The agreement covers two years of studies and is renewed each year for the new cohort of students.

   The QEM Consortium has signed an agreement with the insurance company:  
Marsh (S.A.-N.V.) - VAT BE 0403.276.906 RPR-RPM Brussels Registered CBFA         
014192 A - Boulevard du Souverain / Vorstlaan 2, B-1170 Brussels, BELGIUM

The EMIS 2 contract provides each student with an insurance scheme fully compliant with EACEA minimum requirements (accidental death, permanent invalidity due to an accident, costs of treatments following an accident/sickness, assistance to persons, and civil liability). Click here for more information.
  • Local insurance information provided by Barcelona:
Students with the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship: You will recieve coverage under fellowship insurance.
Other Students: We strongly recommend that you get some type of health insurance. The insurance that covers you in your country may or may not cover you in Spain. Please inquire with your National Health authorities about it. If you are not covered by such insurance, seek private insurance in Barcelona (there are several companies and the average price is about 35 Euros a month). Please make sure that you discuss this topic with us when you arrive. The university also offers drop-in basic medical attention on campus, but be aware, this is not a substitute for a comprehensive insurance policy.