You are America's Future, Apply for Citizenship Today! (En Español)

There are many benefits to becoming a citizen. One of the most important is the right to vote on issues that affect you, your family, and your community.  Issues such as education, healthcare, worker rights, and environmental protection are determined by ballot measures and candidates that we vote for or against.  Your voice and your vote are critical to making sure that all views are heard.  

Our collaborative, composed of several leading San Diego legal service organizations, can help you apply to become a citizen for free. Our services include:
  • Screening for citizenship
  • Referrals to trusted legal agencies ( if when needed)
  • Guidance on the steps to prepare to apply for citizenship
  • Legal assistance in completing your citizenship application
  • Materials to prepare for the citizenship interview and information on preparation classes
Begin the process with us today by doing one of the following two things:
  1. Completing our online pre-screening tool
  2. Calling us to schedule an over the phone or in person assessment  619-800-1397 or 619-566-6522

You Are America Pre-Screening


Call us at 619-800-1397 or 619-566-6522 to find out how you can receive free legal assistance at one of our events. 

Open to the public
To attend these events, complete our online pre-screening and follow the instructions. Complete yours today!

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