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It is going to be a fabulous, fantastic and fast year! Children learn so much in Kindergarten. You will be amazed at how much growth occurs over the school year. We will learn how to be a member of a school community. We will learn how to be a friend. We will learn how to value our mistakes. We will learn how to show we care about other people. We will also read, write, solve problems and let's not forget.... have some fun! 

I hope that you will find this site helpful! It is my hope that it becomes a tool that will foster a strong home-school partnership. If you have any ideas or suggestions about things you would like to see added to this site, please do not hesitate to contact me.


 Some of my former students! 


Mural Project Shines Light on Favorite Places in Easthampton

Keira Tataro, 5, a kindergartener in Nadine Pomakis' art class, was intently painting an American flag on a 4-by-4 inch ceramic tile. 


When completed, her tile would be combined with 119 others to form three large mosaic panels depicting scenes of Easthampton painted by the kindergarteners. The children painted pictures of places they love in the city, including parks, sports, school, ice cream from Mt. Tom's Ice Cream, pizza from Antonio's, and more.


Tataro chose the American flag because "it represents Easthampton." What she liked most about the project was painting the picture in class.


"We get to walk around and go to different tables and get the colors we need," Tataro said. "We get to pick different colors. I picked blue for the color underneath it."


The kindergarteners from Maple, Center and Pepin elementary schools each painted a picture of something that makes Easthampton a great place to live. The colorful tiles were then put into frames to create three murals, which went on display in May at Easthampton City Arts+ in Old Town Hall.


It is expected that the murals will eventually hang in the Municipal Building at 50 Payson Street, and possibly in a new elementary school once that is built.


The project was the brainchild of kindergarten teacher Susan Pouliot who thought of it one sleepless night. She applied for and was awarded a $1,050 grant from Easthampton City Arts+ in December.


"The theme is "Easthampton: a great place to learn and grow,"" she said. "Each child would design their own square representing something about Easthampton. I had a vision of it in my head. After 9/11 I saw a mural in Providence of peace and love that kids had made. I kept thinking about it and thought that we could do this project like a mural. That's where the idea came from. I'm pretty excited about it."


The grant money helped hire Easthampton mosaic artist Christine Kenneally to take the tiles and assemble them into the 42-inches wide and 22-inches tall murals. Pat Bennett, a sculptor from Holyoke made the metal frames to hold the tiles. 


"I get the fun job figuring out how to arrange the tiles so they look best together with the colors," she said. 


Kenneally was excited to be working on the project with the students. She's worked with older students in Longmeadow, Snow Farm, and at the Art Garden in Shelburne Falls, but this was her first project with younger children. 


"It's really cool," she said. "I love kids' art and I love the idea that this will be displayed where the whole town can see it. I love how they jump in and get right to it. They knew what they wanted to do. There's a lot of expression there."


Zachary Davine, 6, chose a basketball theme for his tile.


"That's me dribbling and getting ready to shoot," he said. "It's pretty cool."


Pomakis said her students were excited to do the project, and together they brainstormed ideas for the tiles. She was pleased that the children came up with a wide variety of their favorite Easthampton locales to put on display. 


"Our town is full of nice places to go," she said. "Because of this project, the kids will have a new way of looking at, and more of a warmth and belonging to this town."