English Courses: Grades 9, 11 & 12! Dream big & reach for the stars!

Google Classroom
  • English 9 Code: rnrbt8 (The Iliad & The Odyssey, The Secret Life of Bees)
  • English 11 Code: gw3fsv (The Help, The Great Gatsby Research Project.)
  • English 12 Code: c7c4bl  (All American BoysThe Namesake, Victorian Research Project)
MOODLE Tests:  Fences, The House on Mango Street
Office 365 Tests: The Iliad Black Ships Before Troy & The Odyssey, The Catcher in the Rye Anglo Saxon (Beowulf/The Seafarer)  The Canterbury Tales, Medieval Literature, & Macbeth.
Upfront New York Times Magazine Current Events, Non-Fiction, Debates, Cartoons & Video
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