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Welcome to our project! There are two classes involved. The first is a Grade One class from Patricia Heights School in West Edmonton, taught by Brenda Cleland. The other is a Communication Technology 10 class from W.P. Wagner High School in East Edmonton, taught by Pete MacKay.

This project is a pairing of two completely different programs. The Grade 1's are studying their Winter Traditions - to acknowledge and respect symbols of heritage and traditions in their family and communities. They have learned by reading, writing, drawing and creating video clips about these traditions.

The high school students are studying Animation. They had just completed a course using Adobe Flash to create vector drawings and movement called tweens. Many of their lessons are steeped in learning how to be a freelance print and web designer.

The Scenario: The Grade One class (the Clients) have hired the high school class (the Freelancers) to animate their drawings. The students were paired up and assigned a blog post in which they were able to have a conversation in the comment section. The Freelancers asked the Clients how they wanted their drawings to be animated. They were not allowed to change the artwork in any way; it would be like changing a client's logo!

We hope you enjoy the results below. Be sure to read the comments in each blog post to get a feel for how well the two groups communicated without meeting in person.

All the Best,
Brenda and Pete

A.A. (Patricia Heights) • Hassan (WPW) • Chanpreet (WPW)

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