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About Our Languages

Edmonton Public Schools (EPSB) offers bilingual programs in six languages: Arabic, ASL, Chinese, German, Hebrew and Spanish.  It also offers second language courses in eleven languages: Arabic, ASL, Chinese, Cree, ESL, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Punjabi and Spanish. This is in addition to a large and comprehensive French Immersion program. EPSB is also one of the few jurisdictions in Alberta with a mandated second language requirement for alls students, requiring study of a second language for the six years between grade 4 and 9, with strong encouragement to continue that study through graduation.

The district possesses one of the most comprehensive sets of policy and regulations in Canada, governing how languages will be offered, ensuring quality learning and standards of language instruction. The standards govern not only what is being taught, but the language competence of the teacher, assessment processes and target levels of language proficiency in, oral, written and signed communication.