International Credentials for Languages Services (ICLS)

ICLS works with foreign and local ministries of education and their agencies to offer students and the general public access to international credentials for their second language proficiency. Candidates can sit for exams to certify their proficiency in: French, German, Japanese, (Mandarin) Chinese, and Spanish.

Why take an international language proficiency exam?

EPS believes that our students and other stakeholders should have the same opportunities as do thousands of others in hundreds of countries around the world, to obtain internationally recognized certification for their language proficiency.

Candidates can earn certification that:

  • enables students to be assessed on the same international language standards as candidates in over 180 countries;
  • encourages and provides standards to help students to set goals for second language learning
  • certifies second language achievements in reading, writing and oral interactions in real world situations
  • opens doors for students to continue their studies at foreign universities and in a wider variety of courses in Canadian universities
  • provides additional support documentation for students to work in Europe, Japan and China

International French Language Credentialing (DELF)

Spanish Credentialing (DELE)