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About Edmonton Public Schools

At Edmonton Public Schools, we are committed to ensuring that all students achieve success in their individual programs of study. We want to improve both our student achievement results and our high school completion rates. We do this by working collaboratively with our partners in education - parents, government, business, community organizations and the public at large. We know students and their families bring diverse interests, skills and expectations to the classroom. To meet students' needs and help them achieve to the best of their ability, we offer a variety of options:

  • Open boundary systems - parents can choose to send their child to virtually any Edmonton Public School, provided it has enough space and appropriate programming;
  • Special education programs;
  • Alternative programs;
  • Lifelong learner programs through Metro Continuing Education; and
  • Other programs for students with specialized requirements.

We believe our role as educators includes teaching values, responsibility and citizenship. It's not enough for students to understand what respect, honesty and integrity mean - we want them to integrate those values into their own lives. Our schools are safe, friendly places. Students are taught in stimulating classrooms by dynamic and dedicated teachers. Parents are welcome in our schools. We encourage parents to participate in their child's education and we offer a variety of opportunities in which to get involved. We also provide parents with strategies they can use at home to support their children in their learning.

2016-2017 Facts and Statistics

 Total Number of Schools  213
 Elementary Schools  125
 Elementary/Junior High Schools  39
 Elementary/Junior/Senior High Schools  5
 Junior High Schools  27
 Junior/Senior High Schools  3
 Senior High Schools  14
 Other Educational Services  13
 Student Enrolment (September 30, 2016)  101,865
 Total Staff (September 30, 2016)  9,225.87 FTE
 2016-17 Operating Budget  $1.23 Billion

Edmonton Public Schools is the second largest school district in Alberta and the sixth largest school district in Canada.

Board of Trustees

  • Ward A: Cheryl Johner
  • Ward B: Michelle Draper
  • Ward C: Shelagh Dunn
  • Ward D: Trisha Estabrooks
  • Ward E: Ken Gibson
  • Ward F: Michael Janz
  • Ward G: Bridget Stirling
  • Ward H: Nathan Ip
  • Ward I:  Sherry Adams

Superintendent of Schools
Darrel Robertson