What is our Harry Ainlay Learning Opportunities (HALO) program and how it works? What is offered during HALO? What time does it start? Who attends? What if my child is all caught up with his/her school work?

Presently, the main question that parents are asking revolves around, "My child is saying he does not have to be at school until 9:30 am. What time do they need to be there?" or "My child says they only need to come to HALO if they are invited by a teacher".

School instruction starts at 9:00 am. Our 9:00 am HALO start time allows students to become more engaged in learning opportunities that support class work.

Many departments coordinate student interest sessions (i.e.Work Experience, Fitness, Student Services, etc.) and there are multiple computer labs and study areas available around the school.

While scheduled classes start at 9:30 am the many HALO opportunities that support continued learning should warrant your child being in a HALO period for a 9:00 am start time.