We have had some recent inquiries about our Harry Ainlay Learning Opportunities (HALO) program and how it works?  What is offered during HALO? What time does it start? Who attends?  What if my child is all caught up with his/her school work?  

Presently, the main question that parents are asking revolves around, "My child is saying he does not have to be at school until 9:30 am.  What time do they need to be there?" or "My child says they only need to come to HALO if they are invited by a teacher"

School instruction starts at 9:00 am.  Our 9:00 am HALO start time allows students to become more engaged in learning opportunities that support class work. This invaluable time can revolve around getting help on homework, asking deeper clarifying questions and building relationships with teachers and within peer networks to support continued learning.  Sometimes HALO provides a quiet place to review and prepare for assessments and other times it offers a discussion about an upcoming group project. Other times it is a great way to get prepared for the day.

Many departments coordinate student interest sessions (i.e.Work Experience, Fitness, Student Services, etc.) and there are multiple computer labs and study areas available around the school. 

We are encouraging all students to take advantage of the learning opportunities during HALO and see potential for growth, as our first sessions have been very successful.  Along with a student's choice of a HALO location comes the responsibility to make appropriate use of time and available support.  As HALO continues to evolve, established attendance patterns, daily review, and routine use of HALO support, we feel, will strongly benefit your child's learning.

While scheduled classes start at 9:30 am the many HALO opportunities that support continued learning should warrant your child being in a HALO period for a 9:00am start time.

HALO is:

  • Support

  • Choice

  • Opportunity

  • Flexible

HALO Expectations

1. Students will utilize HALO to support their learning in a consistent manner.

2.  HALO begins at 9:00 am or as advertised. Students are to arrive prior to 9:00 am and be in one of the designated HALO locations for the duration of the HALO period.

3.  You MUST be in a HALO designated area:

  • Classroom

  • Library

  • Cafeteria

  • Computer Labs

  • Department Area  

  • Rotunda

  • Student Services

  • SAC

4.  Hallways must remain clear of gatherings to help facilitate learning.

5.  HALO can be assigned by a teacher.

6.  Student are required to bring Period 1 materials with them to HALO.

7. Students are expected to attend all mandatory HALO days.

Exam Room

Room 414  will be the designated exam room open from 8:00 - 9:25 am and from 3:40 -5:00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

NKLB Tutoring

NKLB Tutoring will continue after school in the Library Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. The course offers will be posted soon.