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First Nations, Métis, & Inuit Honouring Celebration

Since 2008, Edmonton Public Schools has held a graduation celebration in recognition of the educational journey of First Nation, Métis and Inuit graduates. 

The 2018 Honouring Celebration for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Graduates was held on May 11th at    the Edmonton Inn.

First Nations, Métis, & Inuit Junior High Art Workshop

Each year, Edmonton Public Schools hosts a three-day visual arts mentor ship workshop with a First Nations, Métis, or Inuit artist for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit junior high students and a one day workshop for their teachers. In the past, we have been privileged to have George Littlechild, Aaron Paquette, Tanya Sehn, Suzanne McLeod, Linus Woods, Nathanial Arcand, Laird Goulet and Holly Rae Yuzicapi. 

First Nations, Métis, & Inuit Elementary and Junior High Health Week

The goal is for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students in elementary and junior high school to have a positive experience during a three or four-day workshop focusing on promoting a holistic approach to well-being (social, emotional, mental, spiritual & physical.) Students participate in a variety of activities to help foster a strong sense of identity while gaining resources and tools to promote and navigate personal growth, lifelong attitudes toward well-being and lifelong learning.  Students will have the opportunity to work with an Elder, guest speakers and mentors, including the First Nations, Métis, & Inuit Education team.  Each workshop culminates with students preparing a traditional feast for their support systems.  

Awasis Day is the annual celebration of Prince Charles School.

Essentially a mini Powwow with a focus on the cultural traditions, Awasis day culminates a year of students working hard to learn the graded curriculum and following the Code of the Golden Feather.

The celebration of dancers in girls and boys Powwow and Métis dancing has now extended to recognizing the Aboriginal Choir and the guitar and fiddle students.  Many families join this day and community members are also welcome to share the highlights of the Awasis Program.

                 2018 Honouring Celebration 

    2016 Junior High Art Project

Family Nights
Edmonton Public Schools is proud to promote the following family nights, Wicihitowin, Aboriginal Family Nights in Millwoods, and Tawow which are hosted by our community partners. Families can enjoy a soup and bannock supper, crafts, singing, and dancing. The purpose of these nights is to expose families to school buildings in order to increase their comfort level and encourage their participation in their child's education.

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