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We strive to support and enhance the educational experience and achievement of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students.

We do this by helping schools develop a holistic understanding of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit cultures, worldviews, histories, and current realities.  We believe this approach fosters relationships that welcome, nurture, and honour individual student’s stories and cultures and supports the weaving of culture and curriculum to enhance the learning for all students.

We collaborate with district staff, First Nations communities, Métis and Inuit organizations, and stakeholders to develop strategies, resources, programs and initiatives that support personal growth, high school completion, and career pathways to post-secondary studies or the world of work.

Clarice Anderson 780-429-8304

 First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education Staff
Adam Ambrozy          780-429-8307
Athena McKenzie      780-429-8531
Darren Krasowski      780-429-8287
George Desjarlais     780-429-8369
Holly Brandsma        780-429-8342
Jeremy Albert           780-429-8233
Kerrie Gladue           780-498-8791
Kristen Miller            780-429-8597
Leaha Atcheynum    780-498-8736
Nicole Tice               780-970-5226
Rebecca Pickard     780-429-8278
Tricia Giles-Wang    780-498-8751

Administrative Assistants
Julie Finlay (Temp) 780-429-8230

For Elder/Knowledge Keeper/Cultural Adviser support, please click here.

Processing Honourariums - District process for providing honourariums for Elders, Knowledge Keepers and Cultural Advisors