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Work Experience/RAP

Off -Campus Education is an extension of the classroom which allows students to develop the skills and attributes necessary to be successful in the world of work.  Students interested in any Off-Campus program need to see a program coordinator to register.

5 - 40 credits
5 credits for every 125 hours of work experience

The Registered Apprenticeship Program allows students the opportunity to develop their skills on actual work sites and earn hours towards their journeyperson certificate.  Students follow a learning plan based on first year apprenticeship skills. There is an opportunity for students to participate in this off-campus program during school hours.  Interested students need to see the RAP coordinator as this program is a planned progression of their high school experience.

5 - 30 credits  (15 credits can be applied towards graduation requirements)
5 credits for every 125 hours of work experience

Work experience recognizes the skills that students develop through work and volunteering.  Most placements are afterschool or on weekends.  Some post secondary institutes are recognizing the importance of job and volunteer experience in the development of a well-rounded student and will accept work experience 35 as an entrance requirement.  Interested students need to see a Work Experience coordinator to register for this course.

Career Internship

3 - 5 credits

Career Internships allow students to explore a career in an Off-Campus environment.  Students are encourage to network and establish their own placement.  Occasionally, Ainlay will have placements for qualified students through our community partners.