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Physical Education

General Information 

The aim of the Physical Education Program is to enable individuals to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. The program emphasizes active living, with a focus on physical activity that is valued and integrated into daily life. Successful completion of Phys. Ed. 10 is required to obtain a high school diploma. 

Strong evidence exists that physical activity contributes to the overall well being of individuals. People of all ages can substantially improve their health and quality of life by including a moderate amount of physical activity into their daily routines. Participation in physical activity contributes to physical, mental and social well-being providing benefits to the individual and the community. 

Required Courses 

Physical Education 10 and Career and Life Management (CALM) 20 

8 Credits 

Students will participate in a variety of individual and team sports. Students will also have an opportunity to learn basic first aid, CPR and workplace safety (additional 9th credit).

Successful completion of CALM 20 is a requirement for a high school diploma. Students learn about careers, relationships, personal well-being and finances as a means of preparing themselves for independent living. 

These courses are offered together over a full year. 

Optional Courses 

Physical Education 20 (CO-ED) 

3 or 5 Credits 

Prerequisite: PE 10 

The purpose of PE 20 class is to introduce students to a variety of new and exciting sports/activities that they may not have experienced. Some of the activities included in this stream include: billiards, bowling, camping, curling, golf, lacrosse, pickleball, snorkeling, snowshoeing, squash, track biking, wall climbing, Students will have an opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills by carrying out a predetermined number of volunteer hours. 

Physical Education 30 (CO-ED) 

3 or 5 Credits 

Prerequisite: PE 20

The PE 30 stream continues to offer students a variety of new activities including: beach volleyball, boxing, mountain biking, snorkeling, scuba, cross country skiing as well as traditional team sports. Students will have an opportunity to learn valuable leadership skills by carrying out a predetermined number of volunteer hours. Physical Education 30 (5 credits) may be used as a university entrance course to the Faculty of Physical Education. 

Sports Performance 15 

5 Credits 

No Prerequisite 

This course is intended to provide learning opportunities for the increasing number of competitive athletes enrolled in high school. We focus on the latest training principles while applying them to our workouts during class time. The training principles that we apply are functional movements, core strength, cross-fit training, balance, muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, speed and agility. Students will also learn the importance of athletic high performance, body management, athletic injury prevention/diagnosis, sport psychology, sports nutrition, anatomy, goal setting and personal development. This is an excellent course for bringing your game to another level where our ultimate goal is success! 

Sports Performance 25 

5 Credits 

Prerequisite: Sports Performance 15 

This course is a continuation of the Sports Performance 15 curriculum with an emphasis on the analysis of training principles. We build upon the knowledge and skills learned in Sports Performance 15 and strive to increase upon that development. Sports Performance 25 provides an opportunity for athletes to learn practical physical activities as well as theoretical knowledge on training principles, sport psychology, goal setting, anatomy and athletic injury considerations. Students must have credits in Sports Performance 15 to be considered. If there is enough interest, there may be an option to take this class in the morning before Period 1. 

Sports Performance 35 

5 Credits 

Prerequisite: Sports Performance 25 

This course is a continuation of the Sports Performance 25 curriculum with an emphasis on specialized programs for each individual athlete. Students will have the opportunity to work on training principles that apply specifically to their target area, while having strong feedback in their practical training. The theoretical knowledge needed for these training principles will be reviewed from 15 and 25 while also learning the latest in athletic research. If there is enough interest, there may be an option to take this class in the morning before Period 1. 

Athletic Injury Management (AIM) 15/25/35 

5 CTS credits 

Athletic Injury Management offers a logical beginning for those students interested in such fields as Athletic Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Chiropractic, Sports Medicine, Physician, Kinesiology, Pro Athlete/Coach, Firefighter, Paramedic (EMR/EMT), Fitness Instructor, Massage Therapy or any of the many Medical and Sport Sciences. AIM includes a knowledge base of human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, taping and strapping, therapeutic modalities, athletic training, the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries, massage therapy, emergency first aid/CPR and much more. Students will have an opportunity to gain practical experience by participating as an athletic trainer for one of the many athletic teams at Harry Ainlay and/or helping administer the Fitness Centre training room. 



Harry Ainlay’s Wellness Centre is equipped with new state of the art equipment. The Wellness Centre Coordinator works with individual students, staff and entire classes to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles choices. 

The primary focus of the Harry Ainlay Wellness Centre is to provide all students and staff with the opportunity to reach their health and fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Centre offers resources to enhance the physical education curriculum and accelerate the performance of school athletes. As well, the Centre offers a great opportunity for social interaction and the development of positive self-esteem in a low-pressure environment. Students who wish to use the Wellness Centre must become a member. Fees must be paid directly to the cashier in the general office. 

We will be offering: 

 assistance with physical education curriculum 

 personal and sports team program development 

 personal fitness/health appraisals 

 group and individual instruction of various training principles and techniques 

 active supervision 

 resources (nutrition, health news, injury prevention/treatment, etc.) 

 first aid, sport first aid and sport performance instruction 

 athletic therapy resources and services. 

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 5pm 

We look forward to your participation!