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Learning Strategies is a course of study designed to assist high school students in developing an in-depth understanding of strategies they can use to be successful learners. Through explicit instruction, guided practice and ongoing feedback, students will have the opportunity to apply a broader scope of strategies to maximize their learning and achievement. Learning strategies aids in the transition from junior high to senior high school life, as well as the transition from high school to post-secondary education or to the world of work. 

This course is designed to have students become actively involved in their learning and take greater responsibility to plan, monitor and evaluate their learning. It also provides guided assistance to the student in meeting the expectations of other courses. Learning Strategies is recommended for students who have experienced difficulty in one or more subject areas. 

Learning Strategies 15 – 25  (combined with Reading 15)

3 Credits in Learning Strategies plus 3 Credits in Reading

Prerequisite: None 

(Learning Strategies is a recommended course for any student enrolling in a Transitions class.) 

15/25 level expectations include: 

 understanding self as a learner (emphasis in LS 25) 

 organizational management 

 study skills 

 self-advocacy (emphasis in LS 25) 

 preparing for evaluation 

Learning Strategies 35

5 Credits

A popular course to complete through the Harry Ainlay Independent Learning Program.

Reading 15 for ELL students

5 Credits

A recommended course for ELL and International students to further their English learning and communication.

Knowledge and Employability Courses (10-4, 20-4, 30-4) 

The Knowledge and Employability (-4 level) courses at Harry Ainlay High School are designed to meet the needs of individual students. It allows students the opportunities to experience success and to become prepared for employment or further studies. Students will be given the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Achievement after they have successfully completed 80 high school credits within the Knowledge and Employability course stream. The Knowledge and Employability courses focus on reading, writing, and functional math and science for everyday living and preparation for employment. 

Alberta Education Guide to Education - Certificate of Achievement pg 89 

Students are also given the opportunity to earn an Alberta High School Diploma. Individual student progress is monitored each semester. Those students that are successful in building their skills in the Knowledge and Employability level courses, who attend regularly and express the desire to challenge higher course levels will be supported in their transition to a different stream. 

Alberta Education Guide to Education – High School Diploma Requirements pg 85 


Independent Learning is designed as a self-paced learning program for students for a variety of reasons. The Independent Learning Program provides students with flexibility in achieving credits towards high school completion. Support is given to students one-on-one in the classroom. Entrance into the program is by assistant principal referral only. In cooperation with Alberta Distance Learning Centre.