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What does the International Baccalaureate Programme at Harry Ainlay offer? 

The IB program at Harry Ainlay is a rigorous, two-year academic enrichment program offered to students who embrace learning and are interested in challenging themselves with content that requires robust critical analytical skills, intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness and risk-taking. The program’s increased depth, breadth and internationally- minded curriculum seeks to develop balanced and knowledgeable global citizens of good character. 

The IB program at Harry Ainlay aims to meet the various individual needs of students who want to pursue a post-secondary education. It is a well-established program with particular emphasis on the development of the whole person. A demanding curriculum, dynamic classroom environment, individual instruction, dedicated and creative teachers who seek to deliver high quality learning experiences that relate directly to real life add to the inspiring and well-rounded education offered through the IB program at Harry Ainlay. 

Grade 10 is a pre-IB year. The focus of instruction is on skills that prepare students to enter the IB program in Grade 11 and to complete it successfully. Students can choose to pursue the IB Diploma or IB Certificate route depending on their career goals and academic interests. Both routes can gain advanced placement and university transfer credit for the IB courses completed successfully. 

For more detailed information about IB at Harry Ainlay and the value of this program, please visit the IB Program link on or visit for general information about IB. 

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International Baccalaureate Programme Brochure

Information about the IB Diploma Programme can be found on the IBO website