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English (ELA)

Study in English Language Arts (ELA) enables students to use language confidently and competently in a variety of situations for communicating, personal satisfaction and learning.  Students become confident and competent users of language arts through many opportunities to listen and speak, read and write, and view and represent in a variety of combinations and relevant contexts.

English 10-1 

5 Credits 

Recommended Prerequisite: 60% in Grade 9 Language Arts 

In the English 10-1 program, a student relates literary experience to personal experience; develops competence in presenting ideas in written and oral form; understands and identifies themes; recognizes stylistic devices; and learns to identify errors in grammar, usage, punctuation and spelling. 

English 10-1 pIB

5 Credits 

Recommended Prerequisite: 80% in Grade 9 Language Arts 

This course is designed to lay the foundations for an advanced study of literature. It presents the essential literary concepts, conventions and genres necessary for more sophisticated interpretation and appreciation of literature. Students are expected to explore ideas through writing and discussion. 

English 10-2 

5 Credits 

Recommended Prerequisite: Less than 60% in Grade 9 Language Arts 

In the English 10-2 program, a student produces personal and exploratory writing; proofreads writing for errors; reads literature to expand experience vicariously; distinguishes between fact and opinion; observes courtesies of group discussion; and responds with increasing sensitivity to material he/she reads, listens to and views. 

English 10-2 (Transitions) 

5 Credits 

Prerequisite: Recommendation from present school teacher/counselor/coordinator or in consultation with the Harry Ainlay Special Needs Department Head. 

This course follows the same program of studies as the regular English 10-2 but is designed for students with identified learning needs. Students who enrol in this course will be recommended to enrol in Reading 15. 

Reading 15 (combined with Learning Strategies 15)

3 Credits plus 3 Credits

Prerequisite: None (Recommended for all students enrolled in English 10-2 Transitions.) 

Reading 15 is a required course for those students entering high school at a reading level that is below grade level expectations as well as ELL and/or those students who find they are having difficulty successfully comprehending the wide variety of curricular text structures which they face on a daily basis. 

Students in this course will have the opportunity to develop the necessary competencies and strategies that apply to reading. This will include developing an understanding of what reading is, as well as, building strategies and useful tools needed to comprehend a wide variety of texts for both academic and recreational purposes.

English 10-4, 20-4 and 30-4 

5 Credits each 

K&E English Language Arts focuses on developing the basic competencies needed for everyday living at home, in the community and in the workplace. Each K&E course is consistent with the program foundations of other secondary courses. This consistency enables students as appropriate, to progress through the K&E course sequence and/or to other courses. 

English 20-1 

5 Credits 

Recommended Prerequisite: 60% in English 10-1 

In English 20-1 a student builds and expands upon those skills and concepts developed in English 10-1. He/she learns to write a convincing argument in support of a clearly defined thesis; relates literary concepts such as theme, point of view and tone to the overall effect of a piece of literature; and becomes acquainted with the work of major Canadian authors. 

English 20 IB* Higher Level 

5 Credits

Recommended Prerequisite: 60% in English 10 pIB 

This course is a study of literature drawn from a variety of genres and historical periods. It provides extensive practice in the critical reading and analysis of literature needed for IB assessments and post-secondary studies. Students are expected to explore ideas through writing and discussion. 

Works in Translation 35 IB* Higher Level 

3 Credits 

This course accompanies English 20-1 IB. It includes a comparative study of three works in translation. To fulfill the requirements of the Language A course, students produce an analytical essay on a topic of their own design, accompanied by a reflective statement which explains how their understanding of the work developed. In addition, they deliver an Interactive Oral Presentation in partial completion of the internal assessment for the IB studies in language and literature. Both the written assignment and the Individual Oral Presentation must be completed for a student to enrol in English 30-1 IB. The course also addresses TOK curriculum links. 

* Students are required to enrol in English 20-1 IB and Works in Translation 35 IB concurrently. 

English 20-2 

5 Credits 

Prerequisite: 50% in English 10-2 

Building upon skills developed in English 10-2, the 20-2 student learns to write for different audiences and purposes; to plan compositions before writing; to examine values and ideas expressed through literature; to correct errors in his/her writing; to discuss purpose and effect of print and image; and to express thoughts clearly and with confidence. 

English 30-1 

5 Credits 

Recommended Prerequisite: 60% in English 20-1 

In addition to building upon and enriching those skills and concepts developed in English 10-1 and 20-1, an English 30-1 student learns to clearly present his/her point of view in a literary essay; to understand and evaluate literary techniques; to distinguish life from literature; and to develop mature interpretive skills. 

English 30-1 requires the completion of the provincial diploma examination. 

English 30-1 IB* Higher Level

5 Credits 

Recommended Prerequisite: 60% in English 20-1 IB 

English 30IB continues the critical study of literature from a variety of genres and periods. It includes an intensive study of poetry, a Shakespearean play and several novels. Students complete an Individual Oral Commentary in fulfillment of the Language A: Literature internal assessment and prepare to write their final IB examinations and the Alberta Education Diploma exams. 

NOTE: IB English courses require students to meet the text study and text creation requirements mandated by the Alberta Program of Studies for each respective course. The literature studied in IB English will approach literature from different, and sometimes difficult or controversial, perspectives. 

 As a special provision, a student may also complete a Self-Taught Language A: Literature at a standard level. In this case, he or she will study English as a Second Language. The completion of two Language A: Literature courses leads to a Bilingual IB Diploma. 

English 30-2 

5 Credits 

Prerequisite: 50% in English 20-2 

As well as improving upon skills and concepts developed in English 10-2 and 20-2, an English 30-2 student learns to write clear functional prose; to appraise values and ideas in literary selections; to distinguish between emotional appeal and reasoned argument; to respond clearly to visual communication and to increase facility in discussion. 

English 30-2 requires the completion of the provincial diploma examination.