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Through Athletics, student-athletes will develop life skills that help them grow into positive and responsible citizens of their community. 

Harry Ainlay Athletics will provide an opportunity for student-athletes to develop their individual athletic ability and teamwork while emphasizing the Harry Ainlay Character Virtues of respect, responsibility, fairness, forgiveness, honesty and integrity. 

The athletic program is characterized by the following: 

1. Participation is encouraged by maximizing the number and variety of athletic opportunities in extracurricular, intramural and club sports. 

2. Participants receive the same treatment as other students. They have no unique privileges nor are they denied rights and opportunities that would be available to them as non-athletes. 

3. Sports for men and women are given equal emphasis and the desired quality of competition is similar in all sports. 

4. Students are supported in their efforts to reach high levels of performance by providing them with adequate facilities, competent coaching and appropriate competitive opportunities. 

Harry Ainlay’s program will challenge athletes with realistic goals. Winning merely for the sake of winning will not produce long term positive results. We strive to achieve team and individual goals - that is how we define success. 

We offer flexible programming for elite athletes and the royal blue, black and white uniforms of Harry Ainlay have long symbols of TITAN Pride and Excellence.